“Andrea Pennington’s heart and dedication shine through every page and make the love she writes about very real to us as her readers. This profound yet practical book is showing an actual path to the true love that we’ve all been missing. And then a way to create the life that we will love as well!”

— Halina Goldstein

Spiritual mentor, speaker, teacher at HalinaGold.com and Founder of the Joy Keepers Network

It could’ve been me! That’s the feeling Andrea leaves me with all the time. And ‘I Love You, Me!’ is no exception. I connect to Andrea and her writing because it is honest, it is open and it is courageous. And that’s exactly the kind of mirror that helps me move forward in my own life. Tell me I’m not alone, tell me I’m not a freak and give me some tools to take it to the next level, baby!

If you are looking for fluff and hot air blown…somewhere, you’ve come to the wrong place. Andrea shares her candid, honest wisdom with us and for that, I truly am grateful.

— Helene Philipsen

Life Transformation Specialist

Creator of The Freedom from Emotional Eating Program


After doing the hard, but well-needed work to say “I Love You, Me!”, Dr. Andrea Pennington is more than qualified and capable to empower men and women to learn, accept, live, and love their original self. I can say this because her writing has delivered me into the sole purpose of living my true identity. This book is strategically put together to walk you through step-by-step the process of releasing “the imposter you” and living as the real you.

It is my prayer and hope that as you read this greatly needed book you will discover the essence of your identity and be response-able to cultivate, nurture, and appreciate the true authentic you.

— Dr. Janet L. Anthony

Co-author, Time to Rise

You want to know who your Authentic Self is? “A Writer must write, Painter must paint, Dancer must dance…” In this book are practical ways to help you through your journey to your Authentic Self.

Dr. Andrea shows us through her vulnerability and courage how we can learn self-love, self-compassion, and to take responsibility for our precious Life. Encouraging, inspiring, and life-changing!!

— Trevor Hahn

Advocate for Suicide Prevention

Hotline: 1-800-273-8255